Our Vision

Realising that the current Namibian education system does not have any alternative resources to complement traditional methods and inadequately caters for self-motivated learning, we at Foster have taken up the mantle and have made it our solemn goal to provide free online interactive educational material to better equip grade 10 and 12 students for national examinations and for life after secondary school.

Our Mission

What do we do?

  • Lecture videos uploaded each week for a certain section of syllabus
  • Questions available on each section
  • One challenge question a week with prizes up for grabs on a weekly basis
  • Graded overall performances since subscribing; picking up parts that a certain student is struggling with
  • Prizes to overall top performers at the end of each year
  • Study method tips
  • Brief information on certain careers available on site
  • Chat session from 8 to 4 on Tuesday and Saturday with people pursuing certain careers
  • Game-like initiatives to improve learners financial literacy
  • Share bursary opportunities
  • Tips on how students are expected to answer exam papers

Our Objectives
  • Students taking the learning process in their own hands and meeting teachers half-way
  • Students taking a keen interest in their education
  • Help young people improve their economic behaviour
  • Help improve national pass rate